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Cooling tower transfers heat from hot water to dry air by means of convection and evaporation and are often part of a total cooling package in combination with one or more of our heat exchangers. We can produce a complete turnkey system with the cooling tower, heat exchanger, water pumps, fan motor, fluid temperature controllers, variable speed fan drives, pressure and temperature gauges, automatic water treatment, all mounted on one galvanised skid needing only connection to power and water. The cooling towers are built with safety in mind as well as performance. Very low noise level cooling towers are available.

dry cooling tower

Dry Cooling tower Features :

  • Coil mounted on the ISO standard channels. Coils connected with parallel and serial.
  • Fan and Motor are mounted on the top of the frame. Fan has been dynamically balanced with the motor’s rotation RPM.
  • After the manufacture of the coil, BCS conducts a Hydro-Pressure Test to see if there are any leakage in the tubes.
  • Tube bending joints are brazed by qualified welders. In this bended area thinning calculated for min thickness at the particular area.
  • Powder coated Frames and Sheet Metal work.
  • In suction of air passing side fixed grid for security for finns . At the top of the area motor side fixed bird screen grid .
  • Inlet and Outlet Nozzle are welded with coil, after welding area examined by NDE(Penetrant test).
  • Hydro-Pressure Test conducted after assembling the cooling tower at 21 kg/cm² (300 psi).
  • Minimal water consumption.

Data requirement for design construction:

  • Flow Rate (LPM)
  • Inlet Temperature (°C)
  • Outlet Temperature (°C)
  • DBT (°C)


  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduces energy consumption compares to Dry equipment
  • Plume abatement
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Legionella risks minimised


  • Power generation units (Megawatt projects)
  • Steel Casting Foundries/Steel Plant (MS Ingot/Billet Mfg)
  • Diesel/Gas generators
  • Air compressor cooling/after cooler/inter cooler/jacket cooler.
  • Heat Treatment Furnaces (Forging Unit)
  • Special process applications
  • Rubber Industries


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