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BCS offer Timber Frame Counterflow and Crossflow Water Cooling Towers for large industrial applications. These towers are available as bespoke designs to suit an existing concrete basin or special site layout. The heat transfer surfaces is either film flow or splash flow plastic as dictated by water analysis of the circulating water. All towers are designed in accordance with OHSAS demands and supplied to quality assurance programmes. Timber Cooling towers are useful for chemical plants, air conditioning plants, induction furnace, injection moulding machine, chilling plants, oxygen plants. diesel generating sets and heat exchangers. And also for steel industries, cement industries, chemical industries, and water effluent treatment industries.

dry cooling tower

Timber Cooling Tower better features

  • 95% of the timber material that is used by BSC is Pinewood.
  • Pinewood has the capacity to withstand a high temperature range of 55-90°C.
  • Heat is easily dissipated from the process.
  • The Pinewood that we use undergoes a number of chemical treatment process. It is dipped for about an hour in stainless steel slump in order to remove any fungi and bacteria. After it undergoes the chemical treatment process it is then moved to remove the moisture from the timber.
  • All the steel material is GALVANIZED for anti corrosion purpose.
  • We have experienced TIMBER OOLING TOWER ERECTION TEAM who will aid in the easy erection and commissioning within the estimated time.
  • We supply Timber Cooling Towers to Customers every month and follow up for periodic maintenance and performance testing.

Data requirement for Design:

  • Volume Flow rate (Kg/Hr)
  • Inlet Temperature (°C)
  • Outlet Temperature (°C)
  • Wet Bulb Temperature (°C)
  • Hot water Line Size ( mm/inch)

Timber Cooling Tower Spare Parts :

  • Pine Wood Timber
  • High temperature Fills
  • Louver Grid ( FRP/SS)
  • Reducer Gear Box
  • Geometry Fan ( Aluminium /FRP )
  • Hub ( Aluminium / FRP )
  • SS Bolt & Nut and Nails
  • Motor
  • Spraying Nozzles
  • Nozzle Pipes
  • Galvanized Structure Steels


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