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Loud noises in any industrial environment are going to have a negative effect on anyone who needs to work in these areas. In order to avoid such a situation BCS offers a full range of acoustic barriers also known as sound barriers or sound walls, offer efficient noise attenuation, while being a cheaper solution in comparison to acoustic enclosures. They are commonly used to reduce noise to safeguard and protect a whole range of property and sites from noise as well as provide the security you need. Whether your requirement is to keep sound in or out of your premises, we have the right noise barriers and acoustic fencing to provide the solution. Furthermore, acoustic barriers do not interfere with ventilation or personnel access to the noise-generating equipment. Structurally, acoustic barriers are usually designed and made in the form of a wall, using concrete, wood, or masonry, when it is necessary to attenuate noise on the roadway or some larger manufacturing sites. Alternatively, when it is necessary to install an acoustic barrier around some equipment, for example, an air-conditioning unit on the roof of the building, specifically designed acoustic panels are used, which are commonly made from steel and sound insulating and absorbing materials.

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