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Acoustic Enclosure is a generally accepted technical term, which is used to define a closed engineering structure, specifically designed and built for the purpose of reduction, minimisation, or attenuation of the noise generated by particular types of equipment or machinery. Such as large air conditioning and refrigeration units, power generators, manufacturing lines, grinders, blowers, compressors, pumps, saw booths, gear boxes, etc. Acoustic enclosures represent a separate type of noise control solutions. Other examples of which are acoustic barriers, screens, louvers, acoustic walls and doors, each specifically designed for a particular application. In the most general situation, acoustic enclosures are closed chambers, made of acoustic materials that ensure sound or noise isolation and absorption. Depending on a particular application, acoustic enclosures may also perform additional functions, such as vibration isolation.

dry cooling tower

Acoustic Enclosure Features:

  • BCS designs the Enclosure based on Noise range that is measured during the direct visit.
  • Acoustic Insulation thickness is based on the dBA range.
  • Heavy density insulation is used for absorbing noise.
  • Heavy gauge Perforated sheet is used.
  • The structure is analyzed by a structure analyzing software.
  • We offer a wide range of acoustic proofing starting from small machinery acoustic proofing to large valve Test bed acoustic proof.


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