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Baffles Cooling Systems is one of the most trusted company in offering a wide range of Air Receiver Tank manufacturers in INDIA, we also offer all types of storage tanks are fabricating with high quality material in ASME – SEC VIII DIV – 1 Design and Construction. BCS, Air Receiver Tank manufacturers in INDIA designs based on the application and customer requirement tank must be in horizontal position or in vertical position. Air Receiver tank play a vital role of every compressed air system, Air receivers are used to store the compressed air and maintain the air pressure as per the application of process area, it’s also creates a buffer and storage between the compressor and consumption systems.

Baffles Cooling Systems, Air receiver tank manufacturers in INDIA, offers wide variety of tanks for domestic and in industrial application with quality material. Air receiver tank minimum capacity from 25 L to 3 KL, Design Pressure 1 BAR G to 15 BAR G and hydro test process made while in inspection, the test pressure be 1BAR G to 21 BAR G. We will finally do our products with excellent finishing, double coated painting had been done and time on delivery of products that is BCS, success.

Compressed Air Means :

The air must be stored in the container with high pressure than atmospheric pressure to be used for energy transfer in industrial process and in many applications, is called compressed air.

Technical specification of Air Receiver Tank :

  • Construction code ASME latest Edition
  • Material S.S/ C.S/ M.S
  • Design in vertical / horizontal type
  • Vertical tank used for large volume of air
  • Horizontal type used for small volume of air
  • Inlet and outlet connection
  • Pressure gauge connection
  • Safety relief valve connection
  • Drain outlet at the bottom
  • Automatically drained using auto drain valves
  • Lifting lugs
  • Double coated painting

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