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Baffles cooling systems are Manufactured the item of product of Autoclave. Autoclave is a pressure champers used in Industrial sectors ,Aerospace sectors and Medical sectors . Its mainly used in Medical purpose used in Sterilization applications, Chemical industry used in Cure Coating purpose and Vulcanise Rubber.

We are manufactured the Autoclave Fully automatic / Semiautomatic / Manual mechanism for Customised design.

Code and Standards :

  • ASME – Sec VIII Div -1 -Design and Constructions
  • FEA – Static Analysis
  • ASTM – Sec – II Part A – Material Construction
  • ASME – Sec –V – Non Destructive Examination( NDT)
  • ASME – Sec II Part-C – Welding Consumbales
  • ASME – Sec – IX – Welding Procedures

Application Area ,

Autoclave are designed as per ASME are widely used Industrial areas , Aerospace Industry , Medical sectors , Chemical Industries for curing , Rubber Industries , Fly ash sectors for Hollow block usage .

dry cooling tower


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