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Baffles Cooling Systems is one the best Autoclave manufacturer in INDIA, we offers wide range of industrial autoclave for various industries with best quality. Autoclave is a pressure vessel chamber with quick opening doors for sterilization process in many application industries. BCS, Autoclave manufacturer in INDIA, we designed and manufacture our products with experienced engineers and using high quality material like stainless grade of SS304 and SS316 in ASME standard, and size of autoclaves are customized also based on the application.

BCS, Autoclave manufacturer in INDIA, we designed and manufacturer autoclaves in both standard and customized models. Industrial autoclaves are specially designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists for individuals and specialized research application and sterilization process.


Industrial autoclave is a heated pressure vessel with quick opening and closing door that uses high pressure to process the core material. Autoclave manufacturer in INDIA, Baffles Cooling Systems offers three types of autoclave fully automatic, manual and semi automatic.

Autoclave is a closed chamber with high pressure, for sterilization process the materials or equipments placed inside the chamber of autoclave and door closed automatically in heated phase steam will be passes through the inlet of chamber for sterilizing the materials with 100C after process completed compressed air should be spray into another inlet of chamber, while compressed air spray inside the hot stream get cooled and collected as condensate water for recycle process.

BCS, Autoclave manufacturer in INDIA, we are specialized in manufacturing our products based on customer needs and deliver the product on time. Autoclaves are known for their special functionality of automatic quick opening door, robust construction and provide maximum satisfaction to our clients.

Application of Industrial Autoclave :

Regardless of the application, Autoclave working principle remains the same but the size of the autoclave needed and target temperature and pressure depend upon how the autoclaves will be used. Some applications are fallows

  • Medical industry – sterilizing the tools and equipments used by dentist, veterinarians, tattoo process and in medical laboratory
  • Rubber industry – autoclaves are used for vulcanization process for rubber curing which increase elasticity and reduces plasticity and give high tensile strength of greater temperature
  • Chemical industry – storing the chemical in high pressure and sterilization process. Polymer curing process also done by autoclaves
  • Electronic industry- crystals are used extensively by this industrial autoclave provides the temperature and pressure needed to produce high quality synthetic quartz crystals

Code & standards :

  • ASME – Sec VIII DIV – 1 – Design and Constructions
  • FEA – Static Analysis
  • ASTM – Sec II Part A – Material Construction
  • ASME – Sec V – Non Destructive Examination(NDT)
  • ASME – Sec II Part – C – Welding Consumables
  • ASME – Sec IX – Welding Procedures.

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