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Baffles Cooling Systems is the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of Acoustic Barrier, we also manufacturer Industrial Silencer, Heat Exchanger, Cooling Tower, Pressure Vessel and Accumulator with best quality in ASME standard. BCS is the Acoustic Barrier Manufacturer in Coimbatore, we offers our products Acoustic Barrier with high quality material, Nowadays a rapid development of roadways mainly causes noise pollution it will not suitable for the human ear and unpleasant for surrounding in order to control the unpleasant noise from the sound source BCS design and manufacture the noise barriers in good standard.

Acoustic barrier are used to abort the sound waves from the surrounding is also called noise barrier or sound barrier. Acoustic Barriers are designed to provide optimum noise control through sound absorption and sound transmission loss. Materials we used for noise barriers are steel, concrete, metal, wood, plastics, insulating wool. Acoustic Barrier manufacturer in Coimbatore, BCS offer two types of barrier fixed type barrier and portable type. Portable type barriers are used rally in playing stadium any other indoor places.

Features of Acoustic Barrier

  • Easy to install
  • Modular in nature
  • Long life and maintenance free
  • Customized design

Acoustic Barriers are manufactured in three types in industries they are as fallows

  • Polycarbonate Noise Barrier
  • Metallic Noise Barrier
  • Transparent Noise Barrier

Metallic noise barrier is the most economical choice of noise control for outdoor. For metallic noise barrier material we use both steel and aluminium are light in weight, so it makes easy to install acoustic barrier as light in weight so it’s easy to install. There are two types of metallic noise barrier one side noise reflective barrier, another type of barrier has acoustic barrier on both sides, it abort sound from either side

Metallic Noise Barrier are used effectively in the noise environment like Airport, Highway transport, industrial noise, During Constructing a buildings, metro lines and also residential, hospital surrounding area.

BCS design and manufacture the Acoustic Barriers are in high quality material with our qualified engineers and workers. We should not compromise with our product quality, finishing the product with excellent work and on time delivery that’s our speciality.



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