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Acoustic enclosures are used to arrest the sound from the large source equipments, especially for the dg sets (diesel generator) also used air blower, compressor and all types of large equipments realising noise. The sound source which is arrested within a closed structure such as room means of reducing the noise level at the receiver is called Acoustic Enclosure. Baffles Cooling Systems , we are the manufacture of Acoustic Enclosure, Acoustic Barrier, soundproof chambers and Acoustic Panels using high quality material based on ASME standard. Using materials like Mild steel, Stainless steel, FRP and Aluminium based on the customer applications.
There are number of companies in the industry but among them, Baffles Cooling Systems has able to mark a strong presence in the industrial market as one of the trusted manufacturing & suppliers of soundproof Acoustic Enclosure, Acoustic panels and Acoustic Barrier.

Acoustic Barrier

We manufacture Acoustic Barrier using high quality material and different types based on the applications. BCS, we designed and manufacturing both fixed and portable types of Acoustic Barrier. Effective noise Barrier typically reduce noise levels by 5 to 12 db, noise barriers are used to block the direct path of sound waves from the high way. The portable type barriers are used in sports stadium, hospitals used as a partitions, meeting halls, business stall and also fixed portable barriers for exhibition stalls, we manufactured all types of acoustic barriers based on the application with quality material. Fixed type Acoustic Barriers are used in highway roads, near the apartments and educational institutions etc to block the outside noise which will affect the surrounding environments.

  • Metal noise barrier
  • Glass noise barrier
  • Concrete barrier
  • Glass cloth noise barrier
  • Timber noise barrier
  • Brick noise barrier

Acoustic barrier is nothing but like a wall to arrest the unwanted noise, we manufacture both fixed and portable type of noise barrier using materials like steel, wood, concrete, plastic and insulating wool. Acoustic barrier are designed to provide optimum noise control through sound absorption and sound transmission loss.

Applications of Acoustic Barrier

Nowadays a rapid development of roadways mainly causes noise pollution it will not suitable for the human ear and unpleasant for the surrounding in order to control the unpleasant noise from the sound source and the receiver Baffles Cooling Systems manufacture the acoustic barrier in high quality standards.

  • Highway roads
  • Portable type for sports stadium
  • Hospital surrounding to avoid noise
  • Apartments
  • Educational institutions
  • Recording rooms
  • Portable is also fixed for large equipments like generators
  • Portable barriers are also used partition of rooms
Acoustic Barrier

Portable type of Acoustic Barrier


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