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Baffles Cooling Systems, we are the manufacturer and supplier of Air Receiver tank using high quality product within best price. Air receiver tank is used to store the atmospheric air from the surrounding with certain pressure and supply during peak demand of air from air receiver tank. We designed and manufacturing air receiver tank both in horizontal and vertical type based on the application. Air receivers, commonly referred to as vessels or tanks are used to store compressed air before it enters into the piping system and or equipments. Air receiver tank is also called as air cushion tank.

  • Air receiver tanks are designed both in vertical and horizontal type based on the application
  • Capacity from 100 L to 1000 L based on customer requirement
  • Air receiver tank type in Non Lethal/ lethal
  • Design pressure based on capacity of tank
  • Two inlet nozzles and outlet nozzles are provide for air receiver
  • Outlet is used to drain the tank
  • Two lifting lugs are provide for air receiver
  • Finally paint coating is based on customer need


Air receiver tanks are used for many industrial application, air receivers commonly referred as vessel or tank are used to store the compressed air and it supply where the peak demand of air. Some of the application of air receiver tank is given below

  • Air receiver tank is used for plasma cutting machine
  • Used for laser cutting machine
  • Air receiver storage to protect against pressure fluctuations
  • Improved torque machine or speed
  • Air receiver tank used in Automobile industries
  • It provide a steady air signal to air compressor control
  • Air receiver tank is used for compressed air systems
  • Hospitals used to store oxygen gas


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