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Atmospheric drain tank is a device involved in the systems are used to collect the drain water from the outlet of condenser then stored into ATM tank such as gland steam and air ejector steam. Atmospheric drain tank is connected to the condenser outlet, while the steam enter into the condenser using the cooling water the steam is condensate and back as drained water and then collected into the storage tank.

We designed and manufacturing Atmospheric drain tank for BARGE POWER PLANT marine industries, first we done design validation under third party inspection and then move on to our customer approval of design there after we proceed manufacturing process of atmospheric drain tank. Baffles Cooling Systems done this project with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) throughout the project.

Liquids from condenser are accumulated and stored in atmospheric drain tank of various shapes and size throughout the chemical process industries. A few numbers of companies have made the design, fabrication and erection of these vessels their specialty, BCS designed atmospheric drain tank with stainless steel SS316 grade with 18mm thickness beyond the normal range we specially designed for our customer requirement based on ASME latest edition.

Baffles Cooling Systems is successfully completed this Atmospheric drain tank project and satisfying our customer needs and complete our project on time that is our speciality.

Data requirement for ATM tanks are tank capacity, inlet pressure and inlet temperature.


Twin lobe silencer is a device used to arrest the noise from the centrifugal pump of twin lobe blower. In positive displacement blower has two parallel rotating pistons mounted within a housing it rotated in opposite direction are also notoriously very noise. They cause excessive noise exposure to plant personnel to arrest that noise Baffles Cooling Systems designed and manufacturing the twin lobe silencer based on the application of customer requirement.

In general positive displacement blowers should have a silencer in close proximity to the discharge of the unit to reduce pulsation and the noise from the centrifugal pump of twin lobe blower.


  • Compact in size
  • Black coated
  • Less weight
  • Steadily reliable operation
  • Better performance and long life
  • Construction simple and easy to maintain


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