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Cooling tower is a device used to remove waste heat in atmosphere through the cooling of water stream to a low temperature.

Baffles cooling system design and manufacture the cooling towers with high quality ASME standard material. Cooling towers are used in eco-friendly, cooling process, resulting in maximum energy saving and operating efficiency.

In coil type cooling tower heat from process fluid is circulated through the coil of closed circuit cooler gets dissipated through coil tubes to the water cascading downwards over the tubes. Simultaneously air is drawn from air inlet louvers from the bases of the cooler and travel upward over the coil. A small portion of the water gets evaporated and warm moist air is discharge to atmosphere which removes heat from process fluid.

During the simultaneously flow of air and water to the coil in the same direction, the process fluid travel from bottom to top of the coil increasing efficiently by bringing the coldest spray water and air in contact with process fluid and its coldest temperature.


  • While fabricate the cooling towers using galvanized steel to minimize rusting
  • Corrosion free
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Ensure long life time
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