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Condenser is a device used to convert the exhaust steam from the turbines into condensate liquid or pure water and then passes through pump to boiler finally stores in the cooling tower of thermal power plant. Condensers are in three main types Air cooled condenser, water cooled condenser and gas cooled condenser. Condensers are used for efficient heat rejection in many industrial applications. Baffles Cooling Systems is one of the trusted companies in manufacturing Heat exchanger, Industrial silencer, cooling tower and pressure vessels in using high quality materials and fallows ASME standards and codes.

Condensers are under the categories of heat exchangers, transforms exhaust steam into condensate liquid using cooling water. BCS offer condensers both in Jet type condenser and Surface type condenser shape based on the application and our products are customized design.


  • Exhaust steam and cooling water are in direct contact in jet type condenser
  • The exhaust steam enters into the inlet of jet type condenser using the cooling water to condensate steam and getting condensed water and then process through wet pump to boiler
  • The temperature of condensate and the coolant is same while leaving the condenser
  • Condensate water cannot be reused due to impurities of the coolant. Impure condensate will form corrosion resistances in the boiler tubes.
Disadvantage of jet type condenser
  • Due to direct contact of steam and cooling water the impurities are formed and then it passes through wet pump to boiler the inside tubes of boiler form scale
  • To remove impurities we have to use filters at the bottom of condenser
  • Jet type condenser is expensive when compare to surface type condenser
  • In surface condenser the exhaust steam and cooling waters are in indirect contact
  • Surface condenser cooling water flows through the inner tubes, the exhaust steam from the inlet shell of surface condenser, so there will no direct contact between steam and cooling water
  • Indirect contact of exhaust steam and cooling water the steam gets condensed due to heat to coolant by convection and conduction.
  • Cooling water and exhaust steam are in indirect contact there will no impurities form at bottom of condenser
  • Surface condenser is Less expensive than jet type condenser


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