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Cooling tower is a heat exchanging system cooling water is a place where the cooler medium of water is cool down for reusing process. Baffles Cooling Systems, cooling tower manufacturer in India, offer wide variety of cooling towers with best quality for suitable application. We design and manufacturing cooling towers like FRP cooling towers, Dry cooling towers, Forced draft cooling tower and Natural draft cooling towers.

There are two types of cooling towers they are Counter flow type cooling tower and Cross flow type cooling tower


Natural draft cooling tower is a counter flow type it requires large area for construction. Counter flow type cooling tower has direct contact system with fresh air; this type of tower requires total heat rate is approximately 450 mw. Natural draft cooling tower height must be in 200m and bottom circumference in 100m and construction material used is Reinforced concrete and steel for hot water is allow to cool down there by releasing thermal energy into the environment.

Components of Natural Draft cooling tower:

  • Cold water basin
  • Cooling fill media
  • Spray nozzle
  • Hot water inlet
  • Drift eliminator
  • Air outlet
  • Cool water outlet

How Natural Draft Cooling Tower works?

Natural draft cooling tower is used to cold large amount of hot water for recycling process in heavy duty thermal power plant; it is a direct contact system with atmospheric air. Application of natural draft cooling tower in Thermal power plant, oil refineries, petrochemical plant and natural gas plants to remove heat from circulating water system.

Hot water is process from boiler to the cooling tower inlet of spray nozzles and cold atmospheric air from the bottom of tower. Hot water remains cold by the cold fresh atmospheric air and gives cold water are collected in cold water basin at the bottom of tower and goes through cold water outlet for recycling process. During this cooling tower working process 2% of water gets evaporates, and the working principle of natural circulation due to difference in density the warm air rises up escape from top of the tower.


  • Long life service
  • Low noise emission
  • No power requirement for fan operation
  • Less maintenance
  • No corrosion problems
  • High operating reliability
  • Electric energy requirement is low


Hot water is send through water inlet of cooling tower then it distributed on the fill media, so water distribution system the gravity causes water to gas get down across the fill media. Fill media breaks the water fills into smaller water droplets creating large surface area for heat transferring. The exhaust fan starts at the top of the tower cross air across water droplets and cooling by exchange of latent heat results in the form of evaporation by small amount water after passing through fill media the waters get collected in the basin then it go to the chillers condenser.


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