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Baffles Cooling Systems is one of the trusted company in manufacturing industrial silencer in ASME STANDARD latest edition with best quality in material and excellent finishing. Discharge silencer manufacturer in Coimbatore, BCS offer industrial silencer in different types based on the application and customer needs. Every boiler system needs silencer components to absorb the noise from the outlet of boiler, discharge of fluid causes a lot of noise; it will be arrest by using discharge silencer. The discharge silencers are used arrest the noise from the discharge fluid like air/gases from boiler, compressor systems etc..

Discharge silencers are designed in either circular or rectangular shape of concentric annular acoustic cylinder enclosed in a robust steel casing with transition dished end at both ends with inlet and outlet nozzles. The discharge fluid passes through the concentric annular acoustic cylinder where, the noise is absorbed. Straight flow path through annular acoustic cylinder ensure minimum pressure drop. Discharge silencers are mostly used in airborne noise controlling applications in ducts and different opening in various buildings equipments or enclosures


  • Material used steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel provide for internals of discharge silencer
  • Designed especially for custom discharge application
  • Discharge silencer can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit specific site installation
  • Close coupled directly to the fan so additional components are not required
  • Available in any cross-sectional size to suit the specific application


TRUSTED BY INDUSTRY AROUND THE GLOBE Manufacturing the highest quality Heat Exchanger, Industrial Silencers and Cooling towers possible along with excellent after sales customer support in India.

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