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Baffles Cooling Systems is one of prominent company in design and manufacturer of Fan silencer for reducing noise. Forced draft silencer application in pharmaceutical industry play vital role in Air treatment, Processing, and Packaging. FD fan silencer is constructed as in rectangular type duct and it’s have splitter type baffle for split the air and reduce the sound. Pharmaceutical industry fan silencer is used for wetting tablets, conveying, exhausting and for general ventilation purpose.

BCS design and manufacture FD fan silencer and supply it for a pharmaceutical industry of Kevin process technologies with high quality material grade and deliver the product with excellent finishing and delivered on time. Pharmaceutical industry utilise mechanical operation using Boiler for waste water treatment so, every boiler must need silencer while processing it releasing a heavy noise around the industry it is unpleasant for the workers to solve this problem we have install fan silencer to reduce noise. The different types of silencers are used in FD fans are

  • Absorptive or Dissipative silencer
  • Reflective or Reactive silencer
  • Diffuser or Depressive silencer
  • Active silencer

We also supply baffles to pharmaceutical industry, Baffles are the interior part of FD fan silencer. Placing the fan silencer in the air steam is used to absorb the sound waves to expand into the acoustic media of baffles. The acoustic media is made up of millions of air packets and reduce noise from intake system using fan intake silencer.


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