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Heat exchanger is a device used to transfer a heat from one state of fluid to another. Baffles Cooling Systems manufacture heat exchanger with high quality standard as satisfied the customer requirement. In most of exchanger process the flow of heat transfer surface due to low thermal conductivity it effectively reduces the heat transfer rate in which the material deposited.

Two effective fouling is used in heat exchanger are in tube side another one is shell site fouling resistance. Baffles Cooling Systems manufacture a heat exchanger for chemical industries it provide a stainless steel grade material in 316 and 304. When we using the stainless steel it could not be corrosion and gives life time of material be better than other.

Stainless steel is better cost when compared to other material. Data required to design a heat exchanger is listed below:


  • Hot side/cold side – flow rate
  • Inlet/outlet-temperature
  • Design pressure
  • Design temperature
  • Allowable pressure drop.


Air cooled heat exchanger play a vital role in chemical industries to transfers the heat of fluid from one state to another state. BCS manufacture the air cooled heat exchanger for the chemical industries with good quality standards. Air cooled heat exchanger is also known as finned tube heat exchanger, it works by passing a liquid in a series of tubes while pumping air over or around the pipe work to cool the liquid.

Air cooled heat exchanger are used in chemical industries for application like petro chemical cooling and steam cooling. Since hot air or cold air can be reused for variety of function in heat exchanger.

Air cooled heat exchanger passes cool air through a core of fins to cool the liquid, it principle is to transfer the heat without transferring the fluid that carries the heat. The two most commonly used material for heat exchangers are aluminium and copper. Both aluminium and copper material have an optimum thermal properties and corrosion resistance to make them ideal depending on the specific application.

In air cooled heat exchanger when we use aluminium fins and copper fins it effectively gives the thermal conductivity and reduce the heat and convert into cold, ACHE it play a important role then shell and tube heat exchanger from their better performance now a days. To reduce the water usage consumption Air cooled heat exchanger is better one. It mostly used in

Air cooled heat exchanger is expensive than a shell and tube heat exchanger but its performance is better than shell and tube heat exchanger, Baffles Cooling Systems design and manufacture it high quality standard as customer wish.

  • Refiners
  • Chemical industries
  • Petrol industries
  • Oil/gas


Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger is most commonly used type heat exchanger in all industries. Baffles Cooling Systems design and manufacture a fixed tube sheet heat exchanger in stainless steel, copper alloys and other options also available with high quality standard.

It is mostly used in high pressure and high temperature applications, carbon steel grade 60, 65, 70 should be depends on the customer given designing temperature.

Tube sheet is a plate which is used to support the tubes in a shell and tube heat exchanger tubes are aligned in parallel way and support and held in place by tube sheet. To support the filter elements in heat exchangers and boilers tube sheet are used to support isolated tubes.


  • For heating or cooling oil
  • Water and chemical process fluids
  • Transmission and hydraulic power pack
  • High pressure
  • High temperature application


  • Its life time is 10 years with proper maintenance
  • Provide multi tube pass arrangement
  • Low cost than removable bundle heat exchanger
  • It provides maximum heat transfer surface
  • Per given shell & tube size ease single tube replacement


A Discharge silencer is designed similarly as a suction silencer. Suction silencer inlet and outlet will be designed as pressure vessel. Baffles Cooling System designed and manufacture a discharge silencer with good quality standards. Discharge silencer is designed for blower it blower rotary positive displacement discharge the air in slugs have been compressed by the line pressure, these slugs can be highly destructive to equipment downstream of the blower, these pulsation is reduced by the discharge silencer.

Without the discharge silencer than the pulsations can be vary from 40% to 80% of the absolute line pressure. It also serve smooth out of air flow for proper use in the systems


  • Flow rate
  • Line size
  • Operating temperature
  • Operating pressure


Baffles Cooling Systems offered a high standard Acoustic Enclosure for various applications, it is specially designed to control the noise occurred in various equipments like diesel generator, crushing machines, turbines and transformers.


One of our customer contact us for an Acoustic Enclosure for a crushing machine. It is used to crush the bottle cap, while that machine running & crushing the bottle cap it continuously producing a noise.The bottle crushing machine produce a unpleasant noise while machine running it will affect the entire surrounding, so our customer need a solution for this problem. Then we are planned to arrest the noise that is the only possible way to control the unpleasant noise. Closing the crushing machine and internally insulated by acoustic enclosure.Baffles Cooling System team reached the customer site and our engineers check the noise level and measured it. The noise level is above 110 dba occurred from machine at 2 meter distance, then our team engineers engaged with a client and go for discussion and come to our site.

Then we have designed the structure of acoustic enclosure for crushing machine with high standard stainless steels grade. Why we use this grade? Because, water droplets spillage on the surface area from the machine, so we have plan to input the stainless steel grade at the bottom of surrounding area it will completely arrest the sound.The top segment is covered using the galvanizing materials in high standard, now acoustic enclosure is ready for erection. We erected the full machine covered by acoustic enclosure, now the noise level will be reduced to 85 dba at 2 meter distance from the crushing machine. Acoustic enclosure will be structured and erected for a easily maintained and easily handled with material.Now our customer will be fully satisfied with our work and quality standards and favour for the customer requirement. Always Baffles cooling systems standards for customer requirement & quality standards.


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