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Baffles Cooling Systems, we are the manufacturer of industrial silencer, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, accumulator and cooling towers in ASME standard and codes. ASME means American Society of Mechanical Engineers; it is a leading international developer of standards and codes used to regulating the mechanical engineering industries. ASME cannot force any manufacturer, inspector or proprietor to fallow ASME standard, but regulation is mandatory for any manufacturing products, so safety and quality of the product is most important it will be followed by ASME standard and codes. If you have fallow the ASME standards that will confirm the exporting orders from other countries.

The boiler and pressure vessels code (BPVC) is a standard regulating the design, manufacturing and operation of pressure vessel. The boiler and pressure vessel using ASME standard are generally not legally permitted for use in USA. ASME standard is important for a manufacturer of boiler and pressure vessels to getting purchase orders from the developed countries; it will show our product quality.

Baffles Cooling Systems, we are one of the trusted company in manufacturing pressure vessels. Using materials like MS/ SS/ Aluminium/ Copper to designed pressure vessels both in vertical orientation and horizontal orientation based on the application and also our products are customized made.

ASME standard and codes

BCS, fallows the below ASME standards and codes during the design and manufacturing, welding process of our products including pressure vessels.
Section II: mainly focus on material quality. Section II can be divided into four parts

  • PART A -> Ferrous materials indicated by name SA
  • PART B -> Non ferrous, copper, Aluminium, Zirconium indicated by name SB
  • PART C -> specification for welding rods/ electrodes/ filler metals
  • PART D -> Properties

Section V: Non –destructive examination NDT (non destructive test)

  • Article 2: Radiographic examination documentation
  • Article 4: Ultra sonic testing welding
  • Article 5: Ultra sonic testing materials
  • Article 6: liquid predicted test
  • Article 7: Magnetic particle testing
  • Article 8: Edi current testing
  • Article 9: visual inspection

Section VIII: It provides detailed guidelines for the Design, Fabrication, Testing, Inspection and certification of pressure vessels (both fired and unfired). Section VIII includes three divisions I, Division II and Division III.

  • Division I: It provides guidelines for design, fabrication, inspection, testing and certification of pressure vessels operating at either internal or external pressure exceeding 15psi (100 kpa)
  • Division II: It is same like division I but more rigorous for human occupancy pressure vessel
  • Division III: It provides guidelines for pressure vessels operating at or more than 10000 psi either internally or externally.

Section IX: It gives necessary guidelines and requirements pertaining to welding and brazing procedures. It also contains guidelines for qualification and requalification of welders, welding operators and brazing operators.


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