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Recuperator is a type of heat exchanger used for waste heat recovery process from industrial exhaust fuel gases. Recuperator manufacturer in India, Baffles Cooling Systems is design and manufacturing industrial recuperators for waste heat recovery process in industries with high quality of products in ASME standard. Recuperators are like heat exchanger process a hot flue gas through inlet of recuperator twisted plate by passes cold air medium it recover hot flue gas to cool and warm air is come outlet of recuperator and give us cold flue gas.

BCS is one of trusted company of manufacturing Industrial noise controlling products, Heat Exchangers, Cooling towers, Pressure vessels and Accumulators in best quality with prominent price. Recuperator manufacturer in India, BCS design and manufacturing recuperators for waste heat recovery process from fuel gas in industries. Recuperator heat exchanger take place between fuel gas and inlet combustion air through metallic or ceramic wall again combustion air preheated on other side consist of waste heat steam the system works based on principle of physics moving energy from hot body to cold body thus in process internal combustion air from atmosphere is preheated using waste gases preheating combustion air we directly into the burner result is saving in terms of fuels increases in plain temperature and furnace efficiency also increases in few month.

Recuperator surface efficiency depends on two parameters:

  • Surface area and time available at heat exchanger
  • Recuperator material

Advantages of Recuperators:

  • Waste heat recovery up to 80%
  • Saves fuel
  • Reduce pollution
  • Reduces the equipment size
  • Reduces auxiliary energy consumption

Types of Recuperator

Metallic Radiation recuperators

These types of recuperators are used in rolling mills. Outer Shell is made up of metal tube one side combustion air will be flow through metal tube and inner part of tube is filled with fuel gas. Metallic radiation recuperator has low efficiency and recovers 50% of waste heat.

Radiation and convective recuperators

To improve effectiveness of heat transfer combination of radiative and convective recuperators are used. It has high efficiency and recovers 50% of waste heat also used high temperature radiation recuperator pulverized goldfield furnace.

Cross flow type metallic u-tube recuperator

This type is the most efficient type of recuperator it recovers up to 80% of waste heat. Cross flow type metallic u- tube recuperators are used in oil and gas furnace and also in pulverized goldfield furnace with certain design modification.


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