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Heat Exchangers play a vital role in chemical industry, they are used to cool fuel gas and to preheat a process flow and to preheat air. Baffles Cooling Systems design and manufactures different types of Heat Exchangers for various industrial applications for cooling and heating the process fluid. BCS manufacture heat exchangers of various types for the application in chemical industry they are

  • Shell and Tube heat exchanger
  • Air cooled heat exchanger
  • U tube bundled heat exchanger
  • Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger

Heat exchanger is a device used to transfer a heat from one state of fluid to another. Heat exchanger is a dynamic design which can be customized to suit any industrial process depending on the temperature, pressure, type of fluid, phase flow, density, chemical composition, viscosity and other thermodynamic properties. In organic and chemical industry heat exchangers are used for various operations some of us are given below:

  • Unit heating
  • Condensation
  • Cooling process
  • Fermentation
  • Evaporation
  • Extraction & grinding
  • Drying
  • Distillation etc…

Baffles Cooling Systems design and manufacture heat exchanger with best in material quality and ASME div III standard fallowed by our quality engineers to assure product quality and constructions and deliver jobs with excellent finishing. Our experienced engineers using stainless steel grade 316 and 304 material, when we using the stainless steel it could not be corrosion. Stainless steel is better in cost when compared to other material.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tube heat exchanger are frequently used type of heat exchanger in industrial field. It has series of tubes are through which liquids are flow the inside tubes can be divided into two sets. One sets of tubes can a fluids it can be either heated or cooled, the second of tube contain liquid responsible for triggering the heat exchange either absorb heat from the first set of tubes or transmitting the heat, cooling the liquid. A set tube is called U tube bundle. Shell and tube heat exchanger is a common type of heat exchanger used in industrial application for heating, cooling process fluid, condensation and evaporation process.

Shell and tube heat exchanger

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Air cooled heat exchanger are usually used in chemical industries for applications like petrochemical cooling and steam cooling, since hot air or cold air can be reused for a variety of functions in heat exchanges. The working principle of air cooled heat exchanger is to transfer the heat without transferring the fluid that carries the heat. ACHE passes cool air through a core of fins to cool a liquid, it also known as finned tube heat exchanger. In air cooled heat exchanger we use Aluminium fins and copper fins it effectively gives thermal conductivity and reduce the heat and convert into cold. The best one to reduce the water usage consumption in chemical industry using air cooled heat exchanger.

    • Cost wise expensive than shell and tube heat exchanger
    • Gives better performance than shell and tube heat exchanger

Air cooled heat exchanger

U – Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

U – Tube bundle also most commonly used type of heat exchanger used in chemical industry used for high temperature and high pressure application. The tubes are collectively called stack or tube bundle. Baffles are used to arrange the u -tube bundle inside the shell of heat exchanger. Two inlets, two outlets and two process fluid are in shell and tube exchanger, tube side fluid enters into the inlet flow through u tube bundle and comes out at the top of the outlet, shell side fluid enters inside heat exchanger and flow through baffles and come out of the outlet at the bottom. U- Tube bundle heat exchanger is a removable from shell so maintenance should be easy.

U tube bundle


Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger is also commonly used type in industrial application. Baffles Cooling Systems is manufacturer a fixed tube sheet heat exchanger in stainless steel, copper alloys and other material option also available with high quality in ASME div III standard. Fixed tube sheet heat exchangers are also used in high pressure and high temperature application and the tube bundles are fixed in this type can’t be removed from the shell.


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