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Baffles Cooling Systems, manufacture steam vent silencer for IIT Madras, is developing a High Pressure and High Temperature combustor test facility at the National Centre for Combustion Research and Development (NCCRD) facility. . For exhaust gases is coming out from the test rig arrangement, a vent stack / chimney is required to be installed at 4th floor, NCCRD as per the system schematics. Vent silencer is a device used to arrest the noise levels created by the high pressure steam or a gas expanded to the atmosphere. Baffles Cooling System, we are one of the trusted company in design and manufacturing industrial high pressure vent silencer manufacturer for a past ten years, we are successful in this field.

  • BCS design ultra high pressure silencer (UHP) for exhaust gas coming out from the test rig arrangement at top floor. A silencer of 785mm dia., 2 m length with weight around 600kg must be mounted at the top of 8” pipe with providing support to the heater platform.
  • Connecting 10” pipe at the silence exit
  • The heater room pillars can be used along with clamps to support the chimney .If required, the cable support to the chimney arrangement (4” pipe, silencer and 10” pipe) should be provided.
  • The metallurgy of all pipes and the corrosion allowance should be suitable for high temperature and wet CO2 service. The temperature range that hot gases enter into the silence is in the range from will 100 deg C to 500 deg C for continuously 6 hrs. So, chimney material should with stand high temperature for 6 hrs continuous experiments.
  • Solid cone spray nozzle (Provided by IITM) used for Spray system should be connected to the Chimney as per the figure.
  • A perforated cylindrical sheet metal work concentric to the chimney pipes and silencer should be provided for personal protection around the vent pipe.
  • A drain pipe and drain valve should be placed at the bottom of the chimney (as per the drawing) to remove the condensed water.
Processing High pressure vent silencer

The noise creates from venting area are abnormal and unpleasant to the people till the experiment is over in the research centre for this problems BCS has a solution to arrest a high pressure venting systems enclose with a HP vent silencer will reduce the noise. First of all we will reduce the noise high pressure level to low pressure level and then to atmospheric pressure level, here we can apply Bernoulli’s equation theorem. Once processing fluid is entry with high pressure level has high velocity, so we can reduce the pressure level for this process increasing multiple pipe or diffuser part and increase the flow area from this we can achieve to reduce the pressure and velocity level.


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