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Steam vent silencer is a device used to arrest the noise from boiler steam vent. Steam may be released from the boiler furnace either low pressure or high pressure as part of boiler start up system, a bypass vent or a safety relief valve vent system. In sugar industry the boiler is mainly used to produce steam and power for the factory, while boiler furnace melting the sugarcane into syrup the high pressure steam is released through the atmosphere with 120db of noise it will be very harmful noise for in and around people of sugar factory, so BCS need a solution for this to arrest noise from the boiler to install steam vent silencer.


When burning fuel in the boiler furnace, live steam is produced and supplied to the turbine. The turbine drives an electrical generator which generates power for the factory and steam leaving the exhaust flows to the heating equipment of sugar manufacturer.

The high temperature steam exhaust through our silencer, hardly feeling the exhaust sound, after the steam vent silencer is installed exhaust noise is lower the background noise. As a result the noise value during exhaust may be lower than background noise valve during non-exhausting. Baffles Cooling Systems, is one of the trusted company in design and manufacturing industrial silencer of steam vent silencer are customized product to meet your specific requirement for noise reduction, using high grade material SS/MS/ Carbon steel and fallows ASME codes and standards with excellent finishing of our products and delivered on time for our customers .


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