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Definitely yes, waste heat recovery boiler is a system which recovers various kinds of waste heat generated from the production process of steel, non- ferrous metal, chemical, waste material those equipments of industrial furnaces, refuse incinerators, industrial waste incinerators and convert such recovered heat into useful and effective thermal energy. In thermal power plant waste heat recovery boiler waste power plant is an increase in popular way to recover thermal energy from waste gases with 200 tons kilns about 3.5 to 4 mega watts of power can be generator for the recovery of thermal energy.

During the production of thermal energy in waste heat recovery process the steam inside the boiler will raises at certain pressure will makes abnormal noise, it is harmful for the workers inside the thermal power plant and surrounding in order to arrest this noise from the boiler covering the boiler outlet using silencer is best way to arrest the noise. Baffles Cooling Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of noise controlling product silencer with best quality and inspection can be done by our quality engineers with on time delivery and excellent finishing.

Waste heat recovery boiler needs steam silencer during the operation steam release in the atmosphere causes abnormal sound like quick launch of rockets this steam release can noise of level 120db. Thermal power plant the steam pressure in the boiler approximately 22.5 bar and temperature approximately 400 ‘c. Baffles Cooling Systems design and manufacturing noise control product turbine silencer, steam vent silencer, natural gas vent silencer, boiler silencer, start up vent, blower silencer etc.. are depend on the application and the customer requirement.


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