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The centrifugal fan silencers are normally selected on the basis of maximum allowable pressure drop at rated flow and the silencing criteria. These silencers are usually sized for around 5000 to 5500 FPM velocity but not exceeding 7500 FPM velocity to prevent excessive self generated noise and aerodynamic noise generation. While selecting the centrifugal fan silencer, it must be ensured that the flow area throughout the silencer is sufficient to accommodate the air flow without imposing excessive restriction. Centrifugal Fan Silencers must be carefully matched to the fan inlet or outlet air profile to provide the most economical fan noise control with the lowest additional static pressure requirements. Galvanized, stainless steel and painted constructions are all available. Dissipative media filled, media filled with film liner, and No-Media designs are selected to suit the application. Numerous accessories are available for filtering, rain hoods, flow measurement, bird screens, and flange connection types. Baffles Cooling Systems works hard to make sure these concerns are alleviated with proper design regarding Centrifugal fan silencers.

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Fan Noise Varies with

  • Static Pressure
  • Fan Efficiency
  • Air Flow
  • Fan Speed

Major source of centrifugal fan noise are

  • Air Inlet and Outlet of primary fans
  • Inlet of FD fans and the outlet of ID fans
  • Fan casing
  • Motor


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