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  • Closed circuit cooling towers to operate is same in similar to cooling towers operations, but that the heat load to be rejected is transferred from the process fluid (the fluid being cooled) to the ambient air through a heat exchange coil.
  • The U tube coil type works to isolate the process fluid from the outside air, keeping it clean and contaminate free in a closed loop.
  • Here two principle operation working is there: (1) an external circuit, in which spray water circulates over the coil and mixes with the outside air, and (2) an internal circuit, in which the process fluid circulates inside the coil.
  • During operation, heat is rejected and transferred from the internal circuit, through the coil to the spray water, and then to the atmosphere as a portion of the water evaporates.
  • Closed Circuit Cooling Towers offer highly efficient cooling solutions, by completely isolating the process cooling fluid from the atmosphere.


  • Protecting the quality of the fluid and reducing system maintenance due to fouling.
  • Reduced fouling ensures full thermal performance throughout the life of the product, and minimizes system operating costs.
  • Lower volume of recalculating water reduce water treatment cost
  • Dry operation during winter months
  • Lowest Operation and Maintenance Cost

Data Requirement

  • Heat Duty
  • Flow rate of – Hot and Cold Medium
  • Hot Medium
  • Cold Medium
  • Inlet/Outlet Temperature for Cold Medium
  • Inlet/Outlet Temperature for Hot Medium

Material :

  • FRP structural’s
  • Galvanizing pipes and Structural’s
  • Tube Bundles ( Copper / Stainless Steel )
  • Fills

dry cooling tower


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