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Compressor silencer is used to reduce the noise from compressor system on the suction area. Baffles Cooling Systems is one of the leading company of compressor silencer manufacturer in Coimbatore, we provide good quality material of products in ASME standard.

Normally operates the compressor without silencer, while the processor machine is running it will suck the air from surrounding by rotating of fans the blower on suction side creates the unpleasant noise due to maximum pressure of air to arrest that noise by using centrifugal compressor silencer. BCS is leading company of compressor silencer manufacturer, we also designed and manufacturing compressor intake silencer, compressor exhaust silencer and other silencer products are manufactured based on the application.

Calorifier needs regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Every six month interval the calorifier tank should be maintained properly, even if the calorifier appears to be functioning normally. Without proper maintains tank efficiency may reduce over time, leads to leaking tubes, passing of the primary fluid occur the header division web or build up of scale on the heat transfer surface, So proper maintains gives best result.

Baffles Cooling Systems is the designer and compressor silencer manufacturer, we fallows the below procedure while fabricating:

Designing :-

Designed the compressor silencer as per pressure vessel ASME standard

Material :-

we are the compressor silencer manufacturer using best material with high quality input, perforated sheet 16 SWG is used. Insulation wools are used in IS 8183 Standard, Plates like IBR Plates/ CS Plates/ MS plates are used. Flanges are in ASME B16.5 standards.

Welding :-

Baffles Cooling Systems fallowed WPS/ PQR/ WPQ procedure for welding process

Blasting & Painting

We are strictly fallowed international standard blasting procedure SA 2.5/ SA 3. Painting are based on the customer requirement and also based on process fluid temperature.

Dispatch :-

we are finally done process of packing the item compressor silencer in the wooden shelled and complete the project on time that is our BCS speciality.

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