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Condenser is a heat transfer device, while stream enters using the cold water to reduce heat of steam and gives condensate or pure water. Baffles Cooling Systems is the designer and leading company of condenser manufacturer constructing different condenser types with good quality material in ASME latest edition. Four different types of condenser design are fallowed in the industries. BCS is a condenser manufacturer in Coimbatore, designing the condenser based on the customer requirement they are as follows:

  • Horizontal Tube
  • Horizontal Tube Bundle
  • Vertical Tube
  • Vertical Tube Bundle

While in the process of condenser manufacturer, the best heat transfer coefficients in horizontal condensation, so we refer horizontal tube bundle type condenser for our customer is the best for heat transfer.

Condensation in the shell chamber on the horizontal tube bundle

The vapour enters from the top and flow through a horizontal tube bundle. Cooling water flows through the tubes and the vapour condense on the cold tubes and the condensate runs over the tube down to bottom. Due to the small condensate film thickness, good heat transfer coefficient results which reduce with increasing condensate rate.


  • Low sub cooling
  • Low pressure loss and easy tube side cleaning
  • Tube pitch and baffle spacing can be adjusted to the vapour stream


  • Non condensable gases must be removed, otherwise one part of cooling area is covered
  • Low pressure loss and easy tube side cleaning
  • Tube pitch and baffle spacing can be adjusted to the vapour stream

Condenser is a heat transfer device, it process may be differ based on the application of cooling medium there are three different types of condenser manufacturer by Baffles Cooling Systems. Evaporative condenser, Water cooled condenser and Air cooled condenser.


Air cooled condenser is used for efficient heat rejection process. Air cooled condenser is also called as coil condenser, its use copper or aluminium coil for heat rejection process. This type using fans to spray the atmospheric air inside the condenser to cooled water or steam and transfer into a liquid state, while compare to water cooled condenser it occupies large area, good quality.

Air cooled condenser is of two type of process natural convection and forced convection.

  • Natural convection of air cooled condenser the air flows depending upon the temperature of the condenser coil.
  • In forced convection of air cooled condenser the fan operated by a motor blows air over


Water cooled condenser transfer the heat using water as a cooling medium. Condenser are used to transfer a heat in water cooled condenser the steam inside the tubes of multiple phase while cold water is passing on nozzle inlet is used to condensed the steam and gives liquid state and condensed water is used for re-circulation process. Baffles cooling systems design and manufacturers of condenser in different shapes vertical, horizontal and tube type used in air conditioner.

In water cooled condenser consist of copper coil located in steel shell using copper coil cooling medium water is flow through steel shell and transfer the heat.


Evaporative condenser is a combination of air cooled condenser & water cooled condenser. In evaporative condenser condensing coils are constructed using heavy stainless steel pipes to provide maximum efficiency, hot refrigerant flows through the coil, water spray over it and fan drag atmospheric air from the bottom of condenser and discharge vapour from the top side of condenser.

The spraying water that comes in contact with coil, while hot medium get evaporated in the air and it absorbs the heat from condenser cools the refrigerant and condensing it. Evaporative condenser occupies less space and requires the proper maintenance.

dry cooling tower


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