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Exhaust Silencer :

Exhaust Silencer is used for reduce the noise from engine . Engine exhaust noise will be created in high decibel frequency .Its created highly problem will be generated in atmospheric area . So in this type of unwanted noise should be arrest , for this noise arrest using the devise is Exhaust silencer .

Working Principles :

From the process exhaust fluid enters into the system of Exhaust silencer .Fluid occurs may be in high flow passes into the pipe . Here velocity should be very high , however should be decrease the velocity by using diffuser pipe. Bores or holes created on the surface area . It will be help to reduce the fluid velocity and fluid it entering into the internal chamber .In internal filled by acoustic materials .Fluid passes through the acoustic materials into the atmosphere or discharge area .


  • Our exhaust silencer is specially designed and manufacturing .
  • Frequency noise level check and using by software .
  • We have using the materials all are graded materials.
  • We designed the silencer as per the ASME code standards .
  • Exhaust Silencer performance as per the Noise standards and OHSAS standards .
  • We have the testing facility for NDE like RT ,UT, PT, MT.
  • Welding should be weld on the silencer used by qualified welder .
  • We special care is taken in internals like as absorbing materials and Acoustic packing materials like Perforated sheet , Rockwools in order to guarantee a long life.
  • Painting on the surface area should be check by using DFT gauge .
  • Compact design and customized design
  • Easy cleaning and Maintenance
  • Good flow transmission and resulting in low pressure drop .

Applications :

  • All the Engine Exhaust Systems
  • Generator systems
  • All the Industrial applications
  • Supercharged and Turbo charged Engines

Why Baffles Cooling Systems choose ?

  • Customized design
  • Guaranteed for materials and performance
  • Using and reference high engineering standards
  • Products is made by in own factories in order to ensure the quality and shortest delivery time
  • Flexible prices
  • Structural design ,CAD modeling , 3d Modeling and analyze reports
  • Inspection and report on each silencer for your reference.

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