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Vent silencer is a device used to arrest the noise levels created by the high pressure stream or a gas expanded to the atmosphere. Baffles Cooling Systems, we are one of the leading HP vent silencer manufacturer for a past 10 years. We are successful in this field, BCS Hp vent silencer manufacturer the item of noise controlling product of medium pressure and low pressure venting also manufactured by us.

HP vent silencer is used for eject noise from processing system, it has heavy pressure on inlet, so that sound pressure level also have increased on that particular area. The noise creates from venting area are abnormal and unpleasant to the people in the surrounding. BCS has a solution to arrest a high pressure venting system enclose with a HP vent silencer it will reduce the noise.

First of all we will reduce the high pressure level to low pressure and then convert it into atmospheric pressure level. Here we can apply BERNOULLIS EQUATIONS THEOREM, once processing fluid is enter with high pressure level has high velocity, so we can reduce the pressure level for this process increasing multiple pipe or diffuser part and increase the flow area. From this we can achieve to reduce the pressure and velocity level.

HP vent silencer manufacturer should fallow three major elements in high pressure vent they are: DIFFUSER PART, CHAMBER SECTION and ACOUSTICAL- SPILTER AREA.


Diffuser assembling is the pressure part of silencer, this part is designed as per ASME SEC VIII DIV 1- latest edition

We can calculate the MAWP and thickness from the ASME calculations

Consider the nozzle loads and momentum on this inlet flanges (Fx,Fy,Fz,Mx,My,Mz)

Calculate velocity, flow ejected time, flow area and fluid speed with respect of pressure and temperature.


Expanded gas entry from diffuser section

in chamber section we reduce velocity range and calculate transmission loss at this plenum area

Finally fluids enter into acoustical absorption section.


In Acoustical section calculate insertion loss and fluids enter finally exit of vent section

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