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Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers are widely used for liquid to liquid and liquid to gas applications such as oil cooling, condensing, jacket water or gas cooling. Baffles Cooling System can design, fabricate and supply complete Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers in any size or configuration. Our Shell & tube heat exchanger range includes hydraulic oil coolers, marine oil coolers, charge air coolers and swimming pool heat exchangers, all of which feature a fully floating tube bundle designed to prevent fatigue from thermal expansion and improve serviceability. Our shell and tube heat exchangers are designed to be as flexible as possible. By changing the materials of the headers and tubes, the heat exchangers can be used in freshwater and marine environments. We can also adjust the number of fluid passes on both circuits ensuring that the heat exchanger can perform at its most optimal level before increasing the size. This can improve efficiency and reduce costs for our customers. For more specialist requirements however we can design shell and tube heat exchangers with unique characteristics making them a perfect fit for your equipment

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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger features:

  • BCS manufacturers Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger that are designed to meet the standards of ASME SEC VIII Div-1 and TEMA standards.
  • We deal in R, C, B application areas
  • We analyze and calculated the Mechanical and Thermal Design.
  • Our Heat Exchangers are constructed to meet the standards of ASME Sec-II Part A & B
  • We have qualified welders for all the welding needs.
  • We have our own facilities for POST WELD HEAT TREATMENT, RADIOGRAPHIC.
  • We are capable of making heat exchanger in all the following materials like CS, SS 304, 316, 304L, 316L, Titanium, Copper, Aluminium, IS 2062, Cupro Nickel, Brass etc.

Applications :

  • Space Heating
  • Refrigeration Plant
  • Air Conditioning Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical Plant
  • Petrol Chemical Plant
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Sewage Treatment


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