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Suction Silencer

Reciprocating pumps often suffer from pulsation problems on both the suction and discharge side. Many of the problems can be traced to poor suction conditions where the pressure at the inlet to the pump is less than that required by the pump manufacturer. The suction pressure available at the inlet to the pump is often referred to as either NPSHa (Net Positive Suction Head available) or NPIP (Net Positive Inlet Pressure). Fitment of a BCS Suction Silencer at the pump suction will eliminate all NPSH problems and ensure a smooth running pump.

dry cooling tower

Suction Silencer Features:

  • Our Vent silencer is specially designed and manufacturing.
  • Frequency noise level check is done using software.
  • All the materials that we use are graded materials.
  • We designed the silencer as per the ASME code standards.
  • Exhaust Silencer performance is as per the Noise and OHSAS standards.
  • We have our own testing facility for NDE like RT ,UT, PT, MT.
  • We have qualified welders for all types of welding joints for structural work.
  • Special care is taken in internals like absorbing materials, acoustic packing materials, perforated sheet, rockwools etc, in order to guarantee a long life.
  • Painting on the surface area is check using DFT gauge.
  • Compact and Customized design.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance.
  • Good flow transmission that results in low pressure drop.
  • Heavy gauge perforated sheet is used.
  • Drilled on diffuser pipe as per ANSI standards.
  • Lifting lugs and saddle are provided with proper calculating load and stress.
  • Diffuser Pipe is checked by conducting Hydro Test.
  • Heat Resistant Aluminum Paint is applied on the surface area (800°C) based on customer requirement.
  • Quality acoustic fills and Insulation is used.
  • Sandblasting is done on the surface area.
  • We have qualified welders for all types of welding joints for structural work.
  • We have approval from third party inspection for WPS, PQR and WPQ records for all the welding positions like 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 6G.
  • We have NDE LEVEL-II inspector for RT, UT, VT, PT, MT.

Why Baffles Cooling Systems choose  ?

  • Customized design.
  • Guaranteed for materials and performance.
  • Design and manufacture of high engineering standards.
  • Products is made in own factories in order to ensure the quality and shortest delivery time.
  • Flexible prices.
  • Structural design, CAD modeling, 3D-Modeling and analysis reports.
  • Inspection and report on each silencer for your reference.


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