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Turbine engines are used in planes, ships and power stations, but they generate a lot of noise – more than 150 dB at 25 metres. That’s beyond the nuisance level – it’s enough to do direct physical harm. In the shipping industry turbine ventilation is of utmost importance because handling toxic exhaust fumes is critical inside an engine room. Industrial plants on land have to deal with the noise challenges in an area where many workers have to operate nearby, so a generator silencer has to be very effective. Our engineered solutions have a number of applications; from general volume minimisation to the management of more unusual noises. Using our own teams of highly skilled engineers we can undertake total turnkey projects from the design stage through installation, commissioning and on-site support.

dry cooling tower

Turbine Silencer Features:

  • Heavy gauge perforated sheet is used.
  • Drilled on diffuser pipe as per ANSI standards.
  • Lifting lugs and saddle are provided with proper calculating load and stress.
  • Diffuser Pipe is checked by conducting Hydro Test.
  • Heat Resistant Aluminum Paint is applied on the surface area (800°C) based on customer requirement.
  • Quality acoustic fills and Insulation is used.
  • Sandblasting is done on the surface area.
  • We have qualified welders for all types of welding joints for structural work.
  • We have approval from third party inspection for WPS, PQR and WPQ records for all the welding positions like 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 6G.
  • We have NDE LEVEL-II inspector for RT, UT, VT, PT, MT.


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