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Baffles Cooling Systems is one of the leading design and silencer manufacturing company. Twin lobe silencer manufacturer, is designing the device is used to arrest the noise from the centrifugal pump of twin lobe blower. In positive displacement blower of twin lobe silencer manufacturer has two parallel rotating pistons mounted within a housing it rotated in opposite direction are also notoriously very noise, to arrest that noise baffles cooling systems mounted the twin lobe silencer at the end of positive displacement blower.
Baffles Cooling Systems is design and manufacturing of industrial silencer based on the application, which includes boiler drum safety valve, high pressure drum, super heater safety valve, turbine drum twin lobe silencer and low pressure drum safety valve. Twin lobe silencer is for both silencing and pulsation dampening or reduction of vibration.
Baffles Cooling Systems manufacturer of industrial silencer, Heat Exchanger, Autoclave, Storage tank, Accumulator and pressure vessel we export our product all over the countries some of our products are exporting to Taiwan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Thailand, Kuwait, U.S.A and Singapore.

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TRUSTED BY INDUSTRY AROUND THE GLOBE Manufacturing the highest quality Heat Exchanger, Industrial Silencers and Cooling towers possible along with excellent after sales customer support in India.