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Baffles Cooling Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial Silencer, Heat Exchanger, Cooling Towers, Pressure Vessels and Accumulator in ASME standard. Removable Heat Exchanger manufacturer in India, BCS offer a best quality of products using material like stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, Alloy etc are based on the application and customer requirement.

Removable Heat Exchanger working process same as shell and tube heat exchanger is used to exchange the heat or cool fluids or gases. In Removable Tube sheet heat exchanger the tube sheet is removed for the easy maintenance, this type of heat exchanger mostly used in Higher Pressure and Higher Temperature. Shell and tube heat exchanger are frequently used type of heat exchanger in industrial field, It has a series of tubes are through which liquids are flow. The tubes can be divided into two sets. One set of tube can be either heated or cooled fluids, and the second set of tube can exchange the heat or absorb heat.

Removable heat exchanger manufacturer in India, BCS designed heat exchanger based on application removable type is a two phase process the tube may be bend in U shape is called u tube bundle. While designing this type heat exchanger mainly focus on following item: Tube length, Tube thickness, Tube diameter, Tube layout, Tube pitch, Baffles design and Tube corrugation.


  • Marine Application
  • Space Heating
  • Refrigeration plant
  • Sewage treatment
  • Chemical plants
  • Heating or cooling oil compressor system
  • Petroleum refineries

Advantages of Removable Heat Exchanger

  • Removable tube sheet heat exchanger is maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Low cost
  • Removable u tube bundle to clean manually and provide maximum Heat transfer surface.


TRUSTED BY INDUSTRY AROUND THE GLOBE Manufacturing the highest quality Heat Exchanger, Industrial Silencers and Cooling towers possible along with excellent after sales customer support in India.

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