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Baffles Cooling Systems is one of leading company of safety valve silencer manufacturer in India, we designed and manufacturing industrial silencer based on ASME latest edition with good quality material with 316 grade stainless steel and also based on application and customer requirement and on time delivery that is our speciality.

Silencer is a device used to control the noise created from unexpected release of gas, steam, compressed air or process fluid from a safety valve to atmospheric vent at 85 db at 1 meter, this application of silencer is known as safety valve silencer.

Safety valve silencer manufacturer in India, BCS designed and manufacturing industrial silencer based on the application which includes boiler drum safety valve, high pressure drum, super heater safety valve, turbine drum and low pressure drum safety valve.

Baffles Cooling Systems is one of the leading manufacturer of industrial silencer based on their application and our customer requirement. We design and manufacturing the silencer in ASME latest edition standard as follows:

  • Twin lobe silencer
  • Safety valve silencer
  • HP steam line silencer
  • Gas vent silencer
  • Exhaust silencer


BCS designed safety valve silencer for the application of high pressure drum of valve upstream pressure 109 kg/cm² and upstream temperature 317°c. The process fluid from the boiler to safety valve with system pressure of 109 kg/cm², safety valve have a spring and back pressure to keep them closed system pressure is exceed beyond the setting level the safety valve will be opened and released the steam in atmospheric air that time noise will be created its very harmful for human ear and unpleasant, so we have to control the noise by fitting silencer for safety valve. After fitting silencer the stream entering into the silencer steam will be cooled by condensing process the water will be collected in the drain, then pressure will be released through atmospheric vent reduced to 85 db at 1meter.

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